Message From The Founder


For over 33 years, being blessed with a happy marriage and 3 wonderful healthy children, countless great memories have been experienced. Many of those moments were time spent on the water together.

When it comes time for my wife and children to seek out a gift for my birthday, Father’s Day or Christmas, they all know how I appreciate something to enhance my game… my game of bass fishing.

Whether big or small, pricey or not, I truly enjoy anything fishing. It can be a new rod or reel, battery for the motor… any token for me to show my Thursday fishing group how thoughtful my wife and children are. So, to ease this stress for my biggest fans and all spouses and children lucky enough to have an angler in their life, we created

At, you can purchase a special unique gift for your favorite fisher person. Enjoy the comfort of knowing we are providing the highest quality American made products available. For all the fishing products that are sold, we humbly appreciate you considering gear.

Enjoy your time on the water with family and friends, creating memories that will last through generations. We hope our site brings joy to all while shopping for their favorite angler, especially… for the children. 



One of the values that all team members of Bass Day Ever have and practice is INTEGRITY.

Among other things, Integrity means:

  • People before profits
  • Treat customers and ourselves as we would like to be treated... with honesty and respect.